Hello! In order to begin the commission process, you will need to fill out my form below. From there, one of two things can happen: I will either accept or reject your commission. If I reject your request, there may be a few reasons as to why- which I will explain a bit later on. However, if I accept your request, then we will proceed onto the next step wherein I will contact you regarding your order. From there we will discuss the pricing, payment, timeline, as well as any questions that may arise on either end for the order.


If I reject your inquiry, it is because of one or more of the following:

  1. The subject is NSFW, offensive, or otherwise not appropriate

  2. The subject is too complex/far out of my comfort zone to feel confident in fulfilling the order

  3. (For physical work only) I am unable to ship your commission to your country of residence


All payments must be made upfront through PayPal. $USD Only!

I will only issue a full refund before starting your order. If I have already started on the piece, the refund will be based off of how much progress I have already made on your order.


I reserve full intellectual property rights to display and distribute my work. By commissioning me, you understand that you may NOT under any circumstances reclaim or deface my work as if it were your own (This includes coloring over the work without my express permission) OR repost my work without proper credits to me.

Please fill out this form for your commission inquiry!


  • Experimental Portrait: Starting at $80

  • Full Illustration: Starting at $160

  • Sticker/Emote designs: Starting at $75 for a set of x6 designs

  • Character design sheet: Starting at $200


  • (WATERCOLOR) Bust portrait: Starting at $50

  • (WATERCOLOR) Full Painting: Starting at $100

  • (INK+MARKER) Bust: Starting at $45

  • (INK+MARKER) Full drawing: Starting at $95